Jacob Palme

Where I work
The Department of computer and systems sciences at Stockholm University.

How to contact me
, By phone, fax, snail-mail, home, office.

On Computer Mediated Communication (CMC), the KOM 2002 groupware, Web4Health, Senior Online, SELECT (collaborative filtering), Internet standards. SIMULA is still the programming language I love most of all! Since 2002, my main research and development effort has been on the Web4Health web site: Psychology Free Online Medical Advice using a multi-lingual content management system. I have also set up a Swedish medical search engine.

textbooks like Electronic Mail, crime novels, society.

About computers, society and law
In English, In Swedish.

on CMC and e-mail and application protocols. Master's thesis ideas.

Fiction (in Swedish)
a not-politically correct short story about rape,
An on-line story about a princess and a speleman

My curriculum Vitae.